Go Karting Weekend in Northern Ireland

A family outing is a tricky thing, especially when you are on vacation and want to explore something new together. Karting is one of the most celebrated family sports in Ireland. Whether you are looking to win the Grand Prix Carting championship or just looking for some fun activity with your family, it is one of the best places that offer Karting for the family.

If you are on vacation in Northern Ireland, you might create some wonderful memories with your family by trying this sport. Since it is also used as a bonding activity for corporates, it might also help you, your spouse and your children to bond even more.

Raceview Karting near Belfast

With professionally maintained indoor and outdoor Karting tracks, Raceview Karting offers an extremely fun experience. If you are looking at Karting for your family in Northern Ireland, this renowned Karting arena is a place you must visit.

The indoor track is laid out over 2 layers and is extremely challenging. The outdoor track is fully flood-lit for a night time experience. You can race even if it’s wet, dry, day or night. Before each race you will receive a helmet, a fitted race suit and an aluminum composite cart per person.

If you’re not too keen on getting into the pit while your husband and children race, you can always try the carting simulator. But if this is because you are concerned about the safety of the activity, just know that Raceview is highly concerned about this too. Their professional conduct in service will make sure that you are set for an experience with maximum safety.

Raceview Karting is only a 30 minute drive from the Belfast International Airport, Belfast and Causeway Coast. With only £15 £30 you can receive a great deal of entertainment for your complete family.

Superdrive Motorsports Centre

Accessible through the M1 Motorway of Northern Ireland, Superdrive is only a fewminutes way from key landmarks in Belfast. It’s only 40 minutes from the Belfast City Airport and Belfast International Airport.

If you’ve been wondering what you could do to your 8 year old when you are Go-Karting with the rest of the family, don’t fret. 8 to 12 year olds can have more than enough fun at Superdrive Motorsports Center with the 160cc carts, while you and the rest of the team set off on a Grand Prix on the 270cc Karts. Safety is taken care of by the well trained staff, who will assist you in taking necessary precautions before setting off.

Up to 50 people can take part in the full Grand Prix for just £35 a person. If you’ve ever wanted to do something different with your energetic family, extended family, distant relatives, in-laws and out-laws… Superdrive is a superb choice. But if you’re like us and you can’t assemble your army of relatives, the immediate family can surely have a memorable Karting experience.

Formula Karting in Newry

With 3 full blown indoor tracks, Formula Karting in Newry is a great place to showcase your fuel headed feathers. The highly qualified staff is dedicated to maintain all the safety measures before you climb on and slam the accelerators. If you are looking for a great experience for bonding and fun with your family, this is one of the top places that we recommend.

It’s located only about a 50 minute drive from Belfast and 1 hour drive from Dublin. It is fully equipped to give your family a fun day out with its café and arcade area.

Kirkistown Motor Racing Circuit

This is the only racing circuit in Northern Ireland that is approved by the Royal Automobile Club. With a historical reputation of over 60 years, it hosts a variety of motor sports competitions on motorcycle, kart, rally cross and car racing. With a 1.6 mile distance, the course is built to maintain all safety standards with all special facilities included.

The circuit is located 30 minutes from Belfast and around 30 minutes from Strangford Ferry Terminal in Portaferry. If you’re looking for a time of fun that will not just let you kart, but witness how all the pros race, Krikistown Motor Racing Circuit is the best.

We’d recommend this to families that are absolutely in love with racing or a family that is starting to have a liking towards racing. However, even if you are just looking at karting for your family you can have a great time at this circuit.